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At Green Camps, we believe that every summer camp can be a powerful force for environmental change. Our mission is to empower camps to reduce their environmental impact and inspire the next generation of eco-leaders. We provide resources, guidance, and a supportive community to help camps transform their operations, engage campers in eco-education, and create a brighter, greener future for all.


Research conducted by Green Camps has revealed a significant interest among camps in adopting environmentally sustainable practices and “going green.” However, many camps find themselves uncertain about where to begin and are eager to adopt sustainable practices to achieve cost savings, provide environmental education to campers and staff, and decrease their overall environmental impact.

Featured in The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership (JOREL), our research study reveals key motivators and barriers to camp sustainability. We are committed to research that empowers camps to make informed decisions and secure funding to implement green initiatives.

Free Green Needs Assessment

Embark on your camp’s green journey effortlessly with our Free Membership at Green Camps. Signing up grants access to our Green Needs Assessment, a pivotal first step in our certification process. This opportunity offers a preview of the extensive benefits of embracing sustainability, all without any financial commitment. It’s an ideal starting point for camps beginning to explore sustainable practices, allowing you to assess where you stand and how you can grow in an eco-friendly direction.

The Camp Industry’s First Green Certification Program

Certification helps camps define sustainability within their unique context. By completing the five step process, camps create buy-in from stakeholders, develop a sustainability plan, and generate actionable steps to implement sustainable practices.

Consulting Services

Our educational services cater to camps that prefer a hands-on approach, allowing them to define and achieve their sustainability goals. Green Camps provides support to complete the certification process, conducts site visits, and develops tailored programs to engage campers and staff.

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