DIY Green Cleaning


A few years ago I presented at the National Camp Food Service and Site Maintenance Conference at YMCA Camp Chingachgook in Lake George, New York on the subject of Green Cleaning. As I researched and learned more about the toxins we are exposed to through conventional cleaning products I knew this was a good area to help camps understand actions they could take to reduce camper exposure to these chemicals and toxins. And of course, how could we leverage this green action as a way to educate and inspire campers to take similar actions when they return home from camp.

Read more below and check out the presentation put together for the conference.

Green Your Clean by Green Camps from Danny Sudman

I thought one of the best ideas we came up with during the conference was to have the supplies at the beginning of the session for campers to make their own cleaning supplies that they would use while cleaning their cabins and bath houses. Many camps teach responsbilbility like cleaning up after themselves already, couldn’t we add an element of sustainability?

I recently ran out of my the cleaning scrub I used to clean my bathroom which I started using after creating this presentation. So I did a short facebook live session and wanted to share that along with the presentation I made for the conference. I hope you learn something about the benefits of green cleaning and even find a way to implement these practices into your home, camp or business. Please do share any stories with us!

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