Messages – A Video about the Sustainable Camps Movement

How do you convey a complicated message that resonates and inspires your listeners?

The soundtrack in this video is a cover I did of Xavier Rudd’s song Messages. I would play this song at my summer camp during campfires and teach the campers the chorus with a “neato repeato” so they could join in between the verses.

I was about to break out my ukulele or banjo and make a recording of “Messages” for this video when I remembered I had a recording from a few years ago. I was traveling around the Pacific Northwest and a good friend had let me stay at their cabin on Mt. Hood. The cabin sat right on a big river and we recorded the song while hanging in hammocks just above the raging waters.

When I put the track against the background video of the rainy trees, I was pleasantly surprised to realize just how similar the sound of a rushing river is to rain.

As Green Camps has grown since we launched in 2014 our message continues to become more and more clear. It can still be confusing to step up to the task of “going green” and we continue to learn through our interactions with camps and camp professionals.

Clearly delivering our message, was my focus when I started brainstorming to create this video. I wanted to summarize the lessons and ideas that have culminated with the camp industry’s first green certification program. Along with outreach education, these are the two biggest strategic focuses at Green Camps.

I hope you enjoy the video and that it delivers a clear message as you listen and watch.

Lyrics: Messages by Xavier Rudd

So now come sit down
Will you talk with me now?
Let me see through your eyes
Where there is so much life
We are biding our time
For these myths to unwind
These changes we will confront

So please beware
With every place that you had
And look to your soul
For these things that you know
For the trees that we see
Cannot forever breathe
With the changes they will confront
You know some people
They just won’t understand
No, they just won’t understand these things
Thank you for your message
But I don’t understand
No, I just won’t understand these things

[Verse 2]
And this sacred land it has
Seen many hands, it has
Wealth and gold yet it is
Fragile and old and all the
Greedy souls just don’t care to know
Of the changes it will confront

So speak out loud of the
Things you are proud
And if you love this coast then
Keep it clean as it evolves
Cos the way that it shines
May just dwindle with time
With the changes it will confront

You know some people
They just won’t understand
No, they just won’t understand these things