Membership Options

Free Green Needs Assessment

The free membership serves as an introductory gateway, allowing camps to partake in the initial needs assessment, a crucial first step in the certification process. This level provides a taste of the program’s potential benefits without any financial commitment, making it an excellent option for camps exploring sustainable practices.

Paid Membership

The paid membership unlocks the full suite of Green Camps’ resources and support. This includes comprehensive guidance through the certification process, access to expert-led sustainability planning, and ongoing support to implement and maintain green initiatives.

At Green Camps, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices in the camping community. Our annual paid membership, available for $350, is thoughtfully designed to provide essential support while considering financial inclusivity.

What the Paid Membership Offers:

  1. The Full Suite of Online Community Resources for Certification Guidance: Tap into our dynamic online platform, which houses a wealth of resources. This community is your starting point to create a clear roadmap, defining and setting your camp’s sustainability goals.
  2. Resources for Developing a Sustainability Plan: While direct expert-led planning is an additional service, the basic membership still includes valuable resources to help your camp craft a solid sustainability plan.
  3. Ongoing Support for Green Initiatives: Our commitment extends to assisting you in implementing and maintaining your camp’s green practices, ensuring enduring success.

Scope and Additional Support: The paid membership is structured to equip you with all the tools necessary for certification. However, it is important to note that while it offers comprehensive online guidance, direct support from our staff is limited under this plan.

Enhanced Support with Add-On Services: For camps seeking more personalized assistance, we offer Expert-Led Green Team Meeting Facilitaion, Sustainability Planning and Green Summits as an additional paid consulting service. These services provide in-depth, one-on-one guidance from our experienced staff, helping you navigate the more complex aspects of sustainability planning and certification.

Our Pledge for Accessibility: We are committed to making sustainable practices accessible and achievable for all camps. Our membership structure reflects this commitment, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder any camp’s journey towards sustainability.

Membership Registration

Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email with information to access the online community and begin your sustainability journey.