The Green Camps Community

We can all agree that sustainability is important, but it can be challenging to define sustainability and understand what it looks like.  You can do a quick google search to find lots of great resources on sustainability topics, but we wanted to create a place specifically catered to the unique opportunities available to camps to model sustainability and inspire green behavior change in campers and staff.

Organizational Members of Green Camps are allocated 2 user licenses to access the community and explore educational resources to facilitate green behavior change at your organization.


What’s in the Community?


Community Discussions

  • Ask and Answer Questions
  • Engage with a community of camp and sustainability professionals


Media Resources

  • A searchable library of videos
    • Webinar Recordings
    • Interactive Videos
    • Presentations
    • Games and more
  • Submit Videos to highlight your camps actions on the community.


Knowledge Articles

  • A searchable library of documents
    • Green Action Overviews Articles
    • Green Action Support Articles
    • Activity Write-Ups
    • Green Camps Case Study’s


E-Learning Courses

  • Complete learning activities to build your sustainability knowledge and skills as a green leader and sustainable educator.
  • Earn Badges and Certifications
  • Course Topics
    • Water
    • Energy and Transportation
    • Habitat and Wildlife
    • Food
    • Consumption and Waste
    • Pollutants and Toxics
    • Other




The Development of the Green Camps Community

Since 2014, Green Camps has been leading the Sustainable Camps Movement by providing outreach education, creating educational resources and talking with camp and sustainability professionals.  Through this process we have learned a lot to better understand how we can support camps in inspiring green behavior change in campers.

The biggest gap in successfully bringing sustainability into the camp community is having staff with the knowledge and skills to engage campers in experiences that result in a change in behavior when they return home.

It’s one thing to start a compost pile but consider how camps could utilize composting to model the lessons we can learn from the natural world. Allowing learners to define sustainability through practical examples and on their own terms.  Anyone can build a compost pile; Green Camps wants to help you leverage the educational benefits to inspire your campers and staff to take action back in their home communities.

The key to bringing sustainable practices to your community is building a culture of sustainability.  We feel that education is the best tool to achieve this which is one of the main outcomes we hope to achieve from launching this community.  This community will facilitate learning and collaboration amongst camp professionals to take practical steps in creating or building upon that culture at camps across the country.

Consider the impact the camp community can have in changing the way we take on the challenges of sustainability.

Every movement requires champions to inspire and lead change. You are a changemaker with the opportunity to create change in your community. Remember that these changes are not only meant to benefit the environment but will also save your camp money and provide you with valuable skills as a sustainable educator.

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