What if every camp in America united behind a new model for sustainability to lead a national movement for pro-environmental change?

Your contribution to Green Camps goes straight to work helping us raise environmental awareness, train educators, develop tools and resources to support camps, and launch eco-educational programs that inspire youth and adult campers to live sustainably.

Going Green’ is a vague and intimidating term. We all know we need to do more to live sustainably, but how? Green Camps is proving that regular folks can easily reduce their environmental impact, regenerate natural systems, and powerfully advocate for the natural world we all love.

Sustainable living must become part of everyday life. Not an alternative lifestyle, but something we all do daily without thinking about it. Camps are a great place to instill a sense of responsibility for the planet, and inspire campers of all ages to turn that feeling into everyday action. By placing the overall well being of America’s youth front and center, we nurture love and understanding of the natural environment and empower campers to take action to benefit people and planet.

Our approach is practical, educational, and fun. We work with all kinds of camps, from summer sleep-away camps to year-round day camps, RV parks, campgrounds, and sites, and even nature and retreat centers.

STEWARDSHIP – While empowering camps to reduce their environmental impact, we’re also doing the same in our organization and as individuals.


EMPOWERMENT – We go beyond quick-fixes to empower camps and campers to navigate their own ways toward sustainability.


COLLABORATION – We can do more together, so we collaborate whenever possible, complement rather than duplicate, and leverage collective genius.


FUN – We take an educational entertainment approach to programming.


IMPACT – We plan the impact we want to have, figure out how best to achieve it, collect information, evaluate work, communicate findings, and apply learning.


“Ready to take action? Local action counts and now, more than ever, is the time. Camp is the perfect place to foster love of the natural world and to develop the skills needed to take care of it.

How will your donation support Green Camps?


Green Camps was founded on principles of education that focus on 21st Century Learning Skills.  Your support helps support the development of learning resources that empower youth with the critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills needed to create a happy and healthy planet.  Our innovative online community teaches camp professionals the knowledge and skills to deliver these engaging lessons to campers and lead green actions at their camps around the country.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The camp community serves more than 14 million youth and adults each year.  Your support helps camps model practical and engaging examples of sustainable solutions for campers and staff.  As a result, campers will return to their communities with the skills and knowledge to reduce the carbon footprint in their homes, churches, schools and other communities they belong to.  Consider the far reaching impact they can have not only in their direct actions, but the influence they can have on their families, peers and the careers they go into.

Outreach Events

Attending regional and national conferences has been the most effective way for Green Camps to reach 1000’s of camp professionals each year to share resources and educate them on the roles sustainability can play in the camp community.  Your support helps us reach more people through education sessions, green training workshops and speaking events.


Green Camps is 100% volunteer led!  We’ve made a lot of progress with the support of our volunteer staff, board members, partners, camps and other supporters of our work.  It is our goal to bring on a full time staff in 2020 to increase the amount of time and energy committed to furthering our mission.

Double the impact of your tax deductible donation by helping us meet the $2500 matching gift we received for #GivingTuesday

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About Green Camps

As a nonprofit organization, Green Camps brings together folks from across the camping industry and beyond to lead in the green camps movement. Without a healthy natural environment, the camping experience wouldn’t be what it is today. Together, let’s ensure that future generations are able to enjoy it as much as we do!

Since 2014, Green Camps has been leading the Sustainable Camps Movement by providing outreach education, creating educational resources and talking with camp and sustainability professionals.  Through this process we have learned a lot to better understand how we can support camps in inspiring green behavior change in campers.

The biggest gap in successfully bringing sustainability into the camp community is having staff with the knowledge and skills to engage campers in experiences that result in a change in behavior when they return home.

Green Camps is bridging this gap by using an innovative approach to facilitate learning and collaboration amongst camp professionals to take practical steps in modeling sustainability and inspiring green behavior change.

Consider the impact the camp community can have in changing the way we take on the challenges of sustainability.

Green Camps is a project of Community Partners, which is a duly registered public charity, exempt from Federal income taxation under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.