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Marcia Kimler

Marcia is a director for Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, a 50-year camp brand with six locations across the U.S. and Mexico. Leading operations for over a decade, her experience provided the backdrop for her passion of triple bottom line success. She earned a Bachelors in Biology from Radford University and her MBA from the University of Nebraska. As a part-time business consultant, she works with small businesses consulting on everything from scaling up to optimally structuring people and finances. She’s an avid supporter of the American Camp Association as a Keystone region standards committee member, and she’s also a state advisory board member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League (PICL) where she inspires others to get outside and on bikes. Woodward PA’s execution of its Play Forever sustainability program was recognized in 2018 by parent-company Powder Adventure Lifestyle Co as a best-in-practice model.