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In this activity you will…

  1. Learn why pollinators are important
  2. Learn some of the terms associated with polinators.
  3. Look inside a beehive
  4. Learn about seed bombs
  5. Watch a seedbomb sprout
  6. Learn how to make a seed bomb
  7. Learn other techniques for creating pollinator friendly zones.

When you think of pollinators you probably think about honeybees. Honeybees are on the decline due to industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens and climate change. The loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitat and lack of forage due to monocultures and bee-killing pesticides are particular threats for honeybees and wild pollinators.

This activity will introduce you to the importance of pollinators.

Let’s start with a word search to get familiar with some of the terms associated with pollinators.

Now let’s define these terms

Seed Bomb Timeline
Seed Bomb Instructions