GC Cloud Community

The Green Camps Cloud Community is an online platform that engages camp professionals in environmental sustainability, and enables pro-environmental change at camp. Green Cloud users are committed to improving the sustainability of camp buildings and operations, and empowering the next generation of environmental stewards. Access to the Green Cloud is a benefit of Green Camps Membership.

At Green Camps, we understand that sustainability challenges are different at every camp, and know that there are many ways to tackle them. The Green Cloud is built with this in mind. It encourages camps to create their own Green Action Plan and provides the tools and resources needed for successful implementation.

Features of the Green Cloud

Action Planning: To get you started, the Green Cloud automatically creates two actions for your camp – forming a Green Team and setting Green Policies. These actions are the foundation of Green Camps Certification, which Member Camps may choose to pursue at their own pace. Users of the Green Cloud are able to select other Green Actions to add to their customized Green Action Plan, and manage these actions in the platform throughout the implementation process.

Knowledge Articles: Selecting and planning actions is the most basic feature of the platform. What’s really exciting is the ever-growing Green Knowledge feature. Every Green Action has a corresponding knowledge article – think of it as a 101 or starting place – that helps you understand the issue and learn how to take action. The 101 article is often linked to other articles and additional resources that dive deeper into what you as a camp can do on that topic.

Calculators: Another resource you’ll find within the Green Cloud are Calculators that help you estimate or measure the impact of the actions you’re taking. Wondering how much energy you’ll save by switching to LEDs? We’ve got a calculator for that.

Forum and Profiles: The Green Cloud enables users to ask each other questions we well as reach out to Green Camps staff and other sustainability professionals for answers and advice. Each user has a public profile to help encourage collaboration.

Case Studies: After completing Green Actions, users are encouraged to submit short case studies of their work to showcase impacts and raise awareness and knowledge among fellow camp professionals. Case studies are a requirement of Green Camps Certification.

Smart Searching: Actions, knowledge articles, calculators, Q&As, case studies – everything is keyword searchable within the Green Cloud. With some features, there’s also additional functionality to sort or filter.

And More!

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