GC Consulting

Green Camps offers capacity-building and educational consulting services to all camps, but as a benefit of membership, camp members receive 15% off GC Consulting rates.

Green Camps Site Visit: We’ll tour your camp with you to identify and discuss opportunities for environmental sustainability improvements. We’ll also provide recommendations for ways to integrate sustainable living and environmental stewardship programs into your campers’ experience. After our visit, you’ll be provided with a write-up of recommended facility improvements, programming ideas, and other solutions to address sustainability issues at your site.

Staff Training and Workshops: From extensive three-day workshops to 90 minute deep-dives, Green Camps will work with you to plan and implement the right program for your staff. Popular topics include encouraging pro-environmental behavior change, weaving sustainability into the everyday camp experience, and managing facilities the green way.

Camper Engagement and Activities: We work with camps to develop customized fun, educational programs, and to deliver a variety of sustainable living initiatives.

Sustainability Planning: Although we encourage camps to self-direct and implement their own Green Action Plan with the help of our Green Camps Cloud Community, we know that some camps prefer to have a custom sustainability plan developed for them. Green Camps offer this service, as well as procurement and project management services.

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