As a Green Camps volunteer, you’ll be joining a group of folks who are harnessing the awesome power of the camp experience to make pro-environmental change happen across the country. Join us!

Join Our Mission for Sustainability

Since our inception in 2014, Green Camps has thrived as a 100% volunteer-led initiative, achieving remarkable milestones through the dedication and passion of our volunteers. Born as a fiscally sponsored project of Community Partners, we have been at the forefront of conducting pivotal research and developing strategies to support the camp community’s sustainable evolution.

In 2023, marking a significant milestone in our journey, Green Camps filed for 501(c)(3) status. This strategic move is designed to elevate our organization to new heights, equipped with a clear mission, vision, and the resources necessary to bring our vision to life. As we stand on the precipice of this exciting new chapter, our focus sharpens on building a robust advisory board and volunteer committees. These vital structures are the backbone of our organization, providing the guidance, support, and strategic direction needed for Green Camps to expand its reach and impact.

Our board members meet regularly with the co-chairs of our three key committees: Fund Development, Certification, and Research. These co-chairs are charged with the critical task of overseeing their respective committees to pursue the strategic goals and objectives laid out in Green Camps’ strategic plan.

Now, more than ever, we are seeking passionate volunteers to join our ranks. Whether you are interested in strategic planning, research, fundraising, or certification processes, there is a place for you at Green Camps. While we are open to working with volunteers from all walks of life, our immediate goal is to enhance our advisory board and volunteer committees. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a growing organization that is not only dedicated to environmental stewardship but also to shaping the future of youth camps as models of sustainability.

Together, we can build a sustainable future for camps everywhere, nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious leaders. Join us in making a difference, one camp at a time.

Why Volunteer With Green Camps?

  • Impact: Your work directly contributes to our mission, helping camps model sustainability and educate future generations.
  • Growth: Develop new skills, expand your professional network, and engage in meaningful work that aligns with your passions.
  • Community: Become part of a dedicated team that values diversity, collaboration, and the power of community in driving change.

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference with Green Camps?

If you are interested in joining the advisory board as a co-chair or committee volunteer please review the Advisory Board Member Prospectus and complete the Advisory Board Application below.

For all other volunteer inquiries please complete the General Volunteer Application in the link below.

Our volunteer coordinator will reach out with more information on the next steps.

Join us today and be a part of a movement towards a more sustainable future!

Organization Structure

Fund Development Committee

Co-Chair Position: Lead our efforts to secure the financial resources necessary for Green Camps’ expansion and impact. With a focus on strategic fundraising, grant acquisition, and financial oversight, this role is perfect for individuals with a knack for nonprofit fundraising and a passion for environmental sustainability.

  • Sub-Committee Positions:
    • Grant and Major Donor Coordinator
    • Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
    • Digital Campaigns and Donor Relations Strategist
    • Fundraising Research and Compliance Advisor

Membership Committee

Co-Chair Position: Drive the growth of our membership base through strategic marketing, outreach, education, and certification support. This role is designed for those with experience in marketing, communications, and program management, who are eager to engage and expand our community.

  • Sub-Committee Positions:
    • Membership Engagement and Support Specialist
    • Outreach and Education Coordinator
    • Marketing and Communications Strategist
    • Needs Assessment and Recommendations Advisor

Research Committee

Co-Chair Position: Spearhead our “Campus to Camps” initiative and lead groundbreaking research to innovate camp sustainability practices. Ideal for individuals with a strong background in research, sustainability, and strategic partnerships.

  • Sub-Committee Positions:
    • Campus to Camps Program Liaison
    • Certification Data Analyst and Research Project Lead
    • Research and Evaluation Specialist
    • Communications and Dissemination Officer